Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Done and Done

I took my final language test today, packed my bags, waited for an additional hour and a half for my ride to come and now I'm done with the homestay! Yay!

I feel really good eventhough I don't know how well I did on the test... Regardless, I'm back at the training center and ready to celebrate and that I did when I got to open the 4 packages that were here waiting for me! Thank you so much mom, Ma, and Aunt Diane! I got a letter from Shirley too! And I have two more slips for packages that I'll be able to get tomorrow. Gorging myself on peanut butter is making my celebration that much better!

Before I left the homestay village I did have one last lunch of ceebu jenn with my family and a hilarious photo shoot. Everyone had to take a shower before I was allowed to take pictures and it took my sisters and mom forever to get ready. Please notice the difference between their appearance and mine in all the pictures. Yes, a lot of new pictures are up and even some hilarious videos so be sure to check those out. Please pay special attention to the picture of my mom when she's posing by holding onto a leaf and a chair. It's classic.

Last night, I was verging on sentimental and a little sad about leaving the vil. Today, I'm really happy and proud and ready for some fun and relaxation.

Nothing too exciting or completely ridiculous happened today so enjoy the pictures and the new posts while I enjoy a night out!

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  1. Alyssa,

    Way to go! We all knew that you had the chutzpa to do it. We are so proud of your perseverence. You rock!