Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chicken Dibi 2x

Today was our last day of class and I'm really happy it was our last day of class because I really can't take it anymore. I think everyone is starting to get a little stir crazy and although moving out on my own is really intimidating, I can't wait to get some freedom and independence back. Maybe my new mom will even think that it is within my abilities to pick food out of the bowl for myself instead of having her throw food in my general direction. That would be a HUGE step forward!

My day was really uneventful. We were briefed on moving into our new places. Luckily for me it's really easy since I'm staying in the same city and will have a Peace Corps car. Most people have to take sept-places to their regional capitals and then from there PC will take them to their sites. This would be nearly impossible for me since I now I have so many packages! Yay! I thought I would be able to consolidate everything, but everyone did such a great job stuffing those flat rate boxes I'm going to have to take the boxes with me. Tonight, a special shout out goes to Ma for her excellent Halloween package - Cotton Candy Jelly Beans are my favorite! And it even came early. And Mr. And Mrs. McKeown who sent an amazing package with tons of reading material (Elle and and a very special American Demographics magazine featuring the whole family on the cover circa 1993. All I can say is that the magazine will forever grace my African nightstand. Thank you.

Undoubtably the highlight of my day was dinner because we went back to Chicken Dibi! I know that I wrote about Chicken Dibi before, but I think I'm going to have to mention it everytime because it's just that amazing. Plus tonight the power went out so we had a romantic dinner with candle light. Not seeing what your putting in your mouth when using your hands makes food extra delicious! Everyone that comes to visit is eating at Chicken Dibi! It's amazing and pictures of it are posted. I warned you in the previous post that it wasn't the cleanest establishment...

Other events of note:
1. I passed my language test! Oh yeah, so I will be swearing in on Friday.
2. Tamar and I did get our outfits for swearing in before we got back to Thies. They don't have huge rhinestones... I know you're all disappointed.
3. Tomorrow is the Thank You Party for our hosts families. Every should be excited that my mom is bringing my dress they had made for me. Did I tell you that the fabric is neon, flourescent, green?
4. It's also finally cooling down here. Yay! It's 86F at 9pm. I'm never going to be able to move back home after this heat.

I'm going to go read my American Demographic with some Jelly Beans...


  1. i just watched the staged food discussion - best movie ive seen all year haha. : )


  2. Chicken dibi looks like the inside of the "Indiana Jones" bar after the fire. Please tell me it's a movie set and this is all a joke. I laughed and gagged at the same time. Can't wait to give it a try.