Thursday, March 3, 2011

JA Overload

The power is out again, but I spent the day with Kerry working on Junior Achievement. We did a TON of work today! We started on planning the Junior Achievement sessions for the upcoming PST in June and we did the second lesson plan for our class at the Lycee Technique. The lesson planning while tedious is fairly interesting. I can definitely see how last year I was presenting about being an entrepreneur while Kerry is helping me actually teach. Or rather he will be the majority of the teaching while I'm the ideas man and cultural interpreter in the background. We are definitely making progress so next Wednesday when we actually teach our first class.

When I went home for lunch my entire family was sitting outside hanging out since we didn't have power. The main entertainment was watching Khady wash her feet/ give herself a pedicure. Seriously. It was the talk of the family circle. She was scraping her feet with a straight razor blade, which was sending shivers down the spines of all the boys in the family. Everyone then watched as Khady gave Abdou a bath, which was adorable. There are more pictures in the WAIST album.

This afternoon I met up with Kerry again at Pamanda's to finish up our lesson plan. We are trying to be at least one lesson in advance so we can show the lesson plan to the teachers before we do the session. I also talked with my Aunt's class back in Michigan.

I'm about to pack up and go home to sit in the dark with my family. Hopefully the power will come back at some point. Water would be amazing too!

Also, this is my 400th post! Go me!


  1. Abdou seems to enjoy his bath much more than Ahmed does! Would it be instructive to point that out to Ahmed?
    That Khady is a helluva woman to scrape her feet with a straight razor. I believe that is illegal in most states in the US!

  2. 400 posts! Amazing! I know I never post comments but I thought I'd let you know that I'm reading and enjoying. Keep on blogging, Alyssa! -Katie S.