Tuesday, December 7, 2010


The last couple of days have been all about Artisan Expo. Yesterday I did go to see Dioss to give him the money for a giant order of cards a PCV requested and attempted to go meet with my women's group but none of them answered my calls. Katherine and I are trying to get everything together for the Expo and make sure that all of our promotional material and awesome biography sheets we're making for each artisan look professional. A lot of boring computer work.

The other news about town is that there's never any power or water. On a positive note I did get THREE packages today! Shout outs!!!

Thank You Kristen! The Asian noodle soup packages almost made me shed tears of joy in the post office. I'm most definitely having one for dinner. I can't wait to see you soon!

Thank You to the McKeowns for enough (hopefully) reading material to get me through my last couple of weeks in Senegal, a bag of pistachios which might last me half that long, a ton of dried fruit (sorely needed), and, everyone bow your head in respect, the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog! Thank you!

And finally thank you to my parents for a fifth of Bombay Sapphire gin (hey, it's blue for Hanukkah) among other treats!

Thank you all! You really made my day!

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  1. Beware! The "Hanukkah Hammer" packs a mighty wallop! Just ask my BFF's who attended my little soire Saturday night. I'm just sayin' it took a couple of days to rehydrate!