Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas Eve and since I've been in a funk recently I thought that the holiday would only put me in a funkier funk. I'm doing a fantastic job at completely denying the holidays are happening. Being a Michigander, the 85 degree weather today didn't feel like Christmas, I'm not being bombarded with Christmas advertising, songs, and delicious food, and I'm not at my grandparents' house, which is the only place Christmas exists for me. Therefore, it is not Christmas. Logical. I was also feeling this way about Thanksgiving until the day of when reality set it so we'll see how I fare tomorrow.

Everyone was really chill in my family today and we had a great day. While Tabaski was fascinating from a cultural standpoint, it was a ton of work for everyone (killing a goat and cooking a feast is not easy) and I didn't feel like people really enjoyed the day. Today, no one went to work or school and we got to hang out and without distractions because we didn't have power for most of the day. Instead of a sheep feast Mamy made an amazing chicken dinner. We killed two chickens for the family (we usually kill one) and we (and by we I mean me because I'm the only who eats salad) had had salad with TOMATOES! It was awesome. And Mamy makes the best chicken. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the relaxed day.

I should backtrack and explain that most people in Senegal, although they are Muslim, also celebrate Christmas and Easter. My family told me it's to show solidarity with the Catholics in Senegal. Personally, I think all Senegalese people like a little excuse to party and who can blame them?

When our power finally did come on I got to skype with my family and Leigh and Jay! Yay! Thank you grandma for the wonderful presents. I gave Ahmed the Christmas M&M candy which he loved! I also really enjoyed the pictures of Christmas past. My family really likes seeing pictures from the US and even my family here immediately knew who I was in the pictures and said I still look exactly the same, which I do. It was great to talk to everyone.

Have a very Merry Christmas back in the States. I'm off to Dakar for a few days to see my friends, take a little break (to break out of my funk), and eat some delicious food.


  1. It's midnight at Ma and Pa's and I just finished wrapping the gifts I brought up for the family. It brings me great cheer to see Ahmed with the Santa Claus M&M fan decanter (!?) Hopefully from this point forward he will associate Americans with all things fun! Even though I'm here I too am compartmentalizing the holidays. Next year in Grand Rapids!
    Love, love,love

  2. Have a wonderful Christmas day. Enjoy Dakar, friends, and food. After all, that is what it's all about.

  3. Eight days without a post!! I'm going through withdrawal. I hope this means that you're having too much fun to stop and post!